It's time to hear back from Doug.


We've been calling, writing and visiting Doug LaMalfa's offices for weeks now, trying to get through to someone. No town halls are scheduled in the district, despite numerous requests, and all his office has offered are canned responses that say a whole lot of nothing.

A few weeks ago, after much discontent in the district, he quietly posted about a "tele-town hall" where he would be screening questions on the phone, and censoring those that were not politically convenient. He then canceled it. This isn’t acceptable. We've waited far too long. It's time to have a conversation, Doug. We don't need your talking points.

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    We have a right to know what Doug is planning to do. Our representative should represent us. No matter your political stripe, we are all tired of waiting for solutions to our biggest problems.

    We demand a town hall IN PERSON with our U.S. Representative so that we can finally get some answers about healthcare, jobs, immigration, water and other issues. We want to look him in the eye and get honest answers, not have our questions censored. We have a right to be heard by our representative, and he has an obligation to listen.

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    Jorge Schinner
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    Malachi Becker
    Andreane Cassin
    Shanna McGlynn
    Evangeline Hilll
    Coy Jakubowski
    Lesley Kuvalis
    Sandra Boyd
    Rod MacDermott
    Roger Heym
    Jim Worthy
    Karen Lessard
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    John P. Martinez
    Bob Hood
    Frank Savage
    Debra Mc Key
    Lisa Cole

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    Thoughts and Prayers for the shooting victims in Florida

    Dear Congressman LaMalfa,

    Woke up this evening hearing about the shooting at a Florida high school, thoughts and prayers thoughts and prayers. 17 students dead, 15 injured, thoughts and prayers thoughts and prayers. The deed done with a legally owned assault weapon, thoughts and prayers thoughts and prayers, it's happened before and it will happen again, thoughts and prayers thoughts and prayers. In the United States of America we want every person to be able to own any weapon he or she chooses, we discourage waiting times, background checks, we demand the right for those who have been put on a No Fly List, (people denied the right to fly on an airline due to security reasons) still have the right to buy ultra powerful weapons capable of killing mass numbers of people in a very short time. Thoughts and prayers, thoughts and prayers. So our ruling political party and one of their top sponsors, the NRA answer the question which is more valuable, the lives of our love ones, our children, or the "right" for anybody, anywhere, anytime, any place to own and operate their own personal weapons of mass destruction, to be used against any of us no matter how small, no matter how loved, no matter what. In the meantime they offer you: thoughts and prayers thoughts and prayers thoughts and prayers thoughts and prayers thoughts and prayers thoughts and prayers thoughts and prayers thoughts and prayers thoughts and prayers....................................................................! Happy Valentines Day.

    Dayle A Deer RN

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    Affordable Care Act

    Dear Mr. LaMalfa,

    Please don't repeal the Affordable Care Act.  I will lost my health insurance.  If you have a more affordable replacement please start communicating that to our community.



    Your constituent

    Denver Latimer

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    Do you care about us, your constituents?

    The ACA may not be perfect (few things are) but it's helping a lot of people who need it.  Please do not repeal it without a real, effective alternative. I really don't think there is anything remotely as good except single-payer, so if you want to push for that, you could be known as the revolutionary, amazing proponent of a truly great American movement.  If you care enough about the American people, that is. Do you?

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    Affordable Care Act, Planned Parenthood, Social Security

    Affordable Care Act, Planned Parenthood, Social Security

    First of all: You Mr. La Malfa are OUR public servant, and we want to be heard. If you wanted to be elected, then do your job and listen to all of us. Have the Town Hall meeting, show some integrity. These critical topics need to be talked about. Planned Parenthood does not only perform abortions. In fact, the majority of their services are providing family planning and women's healthcare. Without having these services available, do you really think the abortion rate will decrease? Do the research. The Affordable Care Act has been a great step in giving people access to healthcare that have never had it, or could never afford it, and I am on of them. And protect us from losing Social Security Benefits. We have all paid into it and deserve no less. Please think about your constituents. HOLD TOWN MEETINGS! We will not stop knocking on your door.


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