A Better Way

Howdy Rep. Lamalfa,

The totality of your vote to gut and repeal Obamacare concerns me and most people in district 1 that are left-leaning. however, i'm not here to tout the obvious benefits (despite rising premiums for everyone across the country), nor am I going to patronize you for voting along party lines.
What I do want to ask you to do, is to help clarify Speaker Paul Ryan's "A Better Way" outline into legislation that covers all Americans and is an improvement over Obamacare in that (1) it keeps the better parts of the legislation, like the non-consideration of pre-existing conditions, (2) grants leeway for states to do whatever they like with their healthcare markets, even if it runs counter to yours/the party's beliefs; you tout states' rights, you protect states' rights, even if it means the state takes advantage of Planned Parenthood. And (3) erect national guidelines that states must follow in the new healthcare market generated by the program, to make sure people aren't being taken advantage of by the healthcare/insurance industry on the basis of finances, race, gender, age, etc.

Me and most of us writing to you about this issue would continue supporting you if the end result is that we don't lose insurance, whilst losing almost none of the protections afforded by Obamacare.

Thank you,
Jared Bland


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  • Jared Bland
    published this page in Read & Write 2017-02-11 16:28:28 -0800