I love the ACA!

I love having the ACA available.  I have worked very hard in my profession for 40 years and saved/invested wisely.  As a result, I was able to retire 18 months ago, at which time I signed up for COBRA.  My plan was, once COBRA expired, to sign up for the ACA to bridge the two years until I qualify for Medicare (to which I, like all working people, have been contributing).   I also have four pre-existing conditions which I manage quite well with medications.  If there is no ACA available for me, I will have no health care, as the market will not cover my pre-existing conditions.  Why would this be acceptable?  Millions are in my same predicament.  Please support the ACA, or make it even better.  Thank you.


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  • Nancy Fleming
    published this page in Read & Write 2017-02-11 11:50:49 -0800