What do you want your U.S. Representative Doug LaMalfa to know about? Whether it’s water, infrastructure, jobs, immigration, education or health care, we live with the consequences of political deadlock, and it seems our Rep. has been MIA in the district. Does it feel like "He's one of us?!"

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Thoughts and Prayers for the shooting victims in Florida

Dear Congressman LaMalfa,

Woke up this evening hearing about the shooting at a Florida high school, thoughts and prayers thoughts and prayers. 17 students dead, 15 injured, thoughts and prayers thoughts and prayers. The deed done with a legally owned assault weapon, thoughts and prayers thoughts and prayers, it's happened before and it will happen again, thoughts and prayers thoughts and prayers. In the United States of America we want every person to be able to own any weapon he or she chooses, we discourage waiting times, background checks, we demand the right for those who have been put on a No Fly List, (people denied the right to fly on an airline due to security reasons) still have the right to buy ultra powerful weapons capable of killing mass numbers of people in a very short time. Thoughts and prayers, thoughts and prayers. So our ruling political party and one of their top sponsors, the NRA answer the question which is more valuable, the lives of our love ones, our children, or the "right" for anybody, anywhere, anytime, any place to own and operate their own personal weapons of mass destruction, to be used against any of us no matter how small, no matter how loved, no matter what. In the meantime they offer you: thoughts and prayers thoughts and prayers thoughts and prayers thoughts and prayers thoughts and prayers thoughts and prayers thoughts and prayers thoughts and prayers thoughts and prayers....................................................................! Happy Valentines Day.

Dayle A Deer RN

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Affordable Care Act

Dear Mr. LaMalfa,

Please don't repeal the Affordable Care Act.  I will lost my health insurance.  If you have a more affordable replacement please start communicating that to our community.



Your constituent

Denver Latimer

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Do you care about us, your constituents?

The ACA may not be perfect (few things are) but it's helping a lot of people who need it.  Please do not repeal it without a real, effective alternative. I really don't think there is anything remotely as good except single-payer, so if you want to push for that, you could be known as the revolutionary, amazing proponent of a truly great American movement.  If you care enough about the American people, that is. Do you?

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Affordable Care Act, Planned Parenthood, Social Security

Affordable Care Act, Planned Parenthood, Social Security

First of all: You Mr. La Malfa are OUR public servant, and we want to be heard. If you wanted to be elected, then do your job and listen to all of us. Have the Town Hall meeting, show some integrity. These critical topics need to be talked about. Planned Parenthood does not only perform abortions. In fact, the majority of their services are providing family planning and women's healthcare. Without having these services available, do you really think the abortion rate will decrease? Do the research. The Affordable Care Act has been a great step in giving people access to healthcare that have never had it, or could never afford it, and I am on of them. And protect us from losing Social Security Benefits. We have all paid into it and deserve no less. Please think about your constituents. HOLD TOWN MEETINGS! We will not stop knocking on your door.


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Planned Parenthood

Contraception is crucial. Without it there are more abortions. There are more babies born unwanted, unadopted, unloved, neglected, abused (some so damaged they are incarcerated later.) The main provider of contraception is Planned Parenthood. Keep it strong.
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The ACA protects the young people of District 1

Representative LaMalfa - 

When I was 24, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time. I moved from New York City back to California to care for her and support my family through chemotherapy and radiation treatments. 

She was lucky to be covered by her employer, but sadly, I was not. I applied for private insurance, and was denied due to a pre-existing condition. I was told by a Blue Cross employee that I should not bother applying for any insurance at all, as they all share information and that I would not be eligible. 

Throughout my mother's convalescence, I had no health insurance whatsoever. Had I been in any kind of accident, my family would have gone bankrupt. This caused my family undue stress at an extremely stressful time. It wasn't until I was accepted into Stanford University for grad school that I was able to receive medical coverage. 

Today, young people under 25 can be covered under their parents insurance. That enables them to intern, volunteer, extend their education, be entrepreneurs and explore career opportunities without fear that their entire future will be destroyed unless they can find an employer to give them health insurance. 

The ACA and the ability to get coverage without working full time enables young people of District 1 the chance to get their feet under them in these challenging times. 

It is your obligation to ensure that these protections stay in place. 

Meredith Mohr


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Protect Social Security, Medicare and Medical

As a person with a disabling condition that prevents me from being able to work, it is very personally important to me that you defend Social Security, not diminish it in any way, and that you do not support the dismantling or privatization Medicare and Medical.  I do not know how I would survive or afford my medical expenses without these programs.  If anything they should be expanded.  Health care should be a right not a privilege.

Your constituent, Jennifer Robins 95945

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ACA saved my family

ACA saved my family! I had a severe gastrointestinal bug that took me to ER (I went w/o fear of bankrupting bill), where I was diagnosed with food borne Shigella and sepsis, then septic shock. I almost died in ICU. Had I waited a bit longer, I'd have died. The claims of "unaffordable insurance" as result of ACA, are largely false, as ACA caps out of pocket costs and premiums to income percentage, and I've personally looked at several claims by friends and relatives, proving to them historical trend increases prior to ACA, the benefits they didn't realize they were receiving, etc... sincerely, Judy Fitanides
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We Need the ACA

My son and his wife are small business owners and for years were unable to afford any kind of health insurance.  When the ACA was passed, that changed and they became insured for the first time in their adult lives.  Recently, my son was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition -- a blood vessel in his brain that leaks.  Thanks to his health insurance, he was able to get the medical help he needed -- but he is concerned that if the ACA is repealed, that coverage will no longer be available, especially now that he has a pre-existing condition.  Please, please, please consider carefully before you take their health care insurance away.

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Don't Scrap the ACA!

The Affordable Care Act makes it possible for those who wouldn't otherwise have access to healthcare, get the care they need. All Americans have a right to basic health care at modest cost!
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A Better Way

Howdy Rep. Lamalfa,

The totality of your vote to gut and repeal Obamacare concerns me and most people in district 1 that are left-leaning. however, i'm not here to tout the obvious benefits (despite rising premiums for everyone across the country), nor am I going to patronize you for voting along party lines.
What I do want to ask you to do, is to help clarify Speaker Paul Ryan's "A Better Way" outline into legislation that covers all Americans and is an improvement over Obamacare in that (1) it keeps the better parts of the legislation, like the non-consideration of pre-existing conditions, (2) grants leeway for states to do whatever they like with their healthcare markets, even if it runs counter to yours/the party's beliefs; you tout states' rights, you protect states' rights, even if it means the state takes advantage of Planned Parenthood. And (3) erect national guidelines that states must follow in the new healthcare market generated by the program, to make sure people aren't being taken advantage of by the healthcare/insurance industry on the basis of finances, race, gender, age, etc.

Me and most of us writing to you about this issue would continue supporting you if the end result is that we don't lose insurance, whilst losing almost none of the protections afforded by Obamacare.

Thank you,
Jared Bland

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SAVE the ACA! MANY, many people NEED it!

Our younger daughter (who is now 35) could not afford healthcare for more than a decade. After she got the ACA (Obamacare) coverage, she was able to have the operation she needed way more than we knew. Apparently it saved her life. We did not know she was that ill. We are all so grateful for the ACA.

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I love the ACA!

I love having the ACA available.  I have worked very hard in my profession for 40 years and saved/invested wisely.  As a result, I was able to retire 18 months ago, at which time I signed up for COBRA.  My plan was, once COBRA expired, to sign up for the ACA to bridge the two years until I qualify for Medicare (to which I, like all working people, have been contributing).   I also have four pre-existing conditions which I manage quite well with medications.  If there is no ACA available for me, I will have no health care, as the market will not cover my pre-existing conditions.  Why would this be acceptable?  Millions are in my same predicament.  Please support the ACA, or make it even better.  Thank you.

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Small Business Owner/Farmer Needs ACA

Dear Congressman LaMalfa,

Before the Affordable Care Act, our family was going into debt to pay for health insurance.  I am writing to you to let you know we love ACA.  A Health Savings Account would definitely not work for us.

Please do not repeal ACA. There are many of us in District 1 that rely on ACA. You can be our HERO and stand up for us in Congress and save OUR HEALTH CARE.  

Thank you,

Kathleen M.

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Bone barrow transplant, Certain death without ACA

I can offer a recent story.

He is currently taking care of his wife after a bone marrow transplant. So I write this in his stead.

As I was driving in my car, after picking up children from school, I received a call from a union plan. They had an urgent matter wherein a member was close to exhausting their transplant benefit and was still in need of a transplant. They wondered aloud if there was anything I could do to solve this problem. The union plan only allotted a $150,000 transplant benefit. The member was close to exhausting that amount and still hadn't conducted donor match services yet nor the transplant itself.

I advised the union plan that we needed to exhaust the transplant benefit, within the union plan, and then terminate the member. This would create a qualifying event. It afforded an opportunity to put her on a ACA plan which would pick up the remainder of costs associated with hospitalization and transplant.

For the record, an average bone marrow transplant is $1,000,000+. Working in conjunction with the union plan, we carefully watched each claim and waited to exhaust the member's benefit. When the moment arrived, I immediately transferred the member to an ACA plan without interruption of coverage. Interruption of coverage would have brought about certain death. I coordinated the member's care with UC Davis and verified benefits would, in fact, cover the totality of costs associated with the transplant and subsequent hospitalization for recovery.

As of February 14th, the member is scheduled to be released from the hospital to convalesce at home after a successful transplant. It cannot be stressed enough that a pre-existing condition of this magnitude would have rendered this member to certain death without the ACA.

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ACA Saved Pregnancy, Baby

H.H from Chico gave birth to her first child two years ago and unfortunately, she was underinsured.

Even though she had access to purchase an Affordable Care Act (ACA) plan, she remained on her grandfathered policy that she purchased back in 2006. She was misinformed by the level of coverage of her pregnancy, and this is why she did not transition to an ACA qualified plan. The grandfathered policy covered complications from birth only.

Therefore, H.H was financially responsible for pre-natal care, birth of the child, and the post-natal care.

Due to this not being covered, she did not have a stop loss for the global billing. In California, the cost of a non-complicated vaginal birth ranges from $15,204 to $28,541, depending on the city of birth. 

H.H came to our firm mid-December of 2016. She was four months pregnant with her second child. We enrolled her in a qualified health plan under the Affordable Care Act, which provides maternity coverage along with other essential health benefits. Prior to the enactment of the law, pregnancy was considered a pre-existing condition, and a mother could be denied an individual policy.

The ACA has allowed those with pre-existing conditions to enroll in a guaranteed issue plan during each open enrollment period or during a special enrollment period when a qualifying life event presents itself. Prior to the ACA, maternity coverage was a given when insured under an employer sponsored plan. It was rare to find an individual policy that had comprehensive maternity coverage.   

By placing her with a Platinum level plan, her risk exposure for the calendar year is $4,000. After she reaches her out-of-pocket maximum, the carrier will pay 100% of the allowed amount for the remainder of the calendar year. Due to the Affordable Care Act, her level of coverage is appropriate for her medical needs.

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Small Business Owner Needs ACA Fix Not Repeal

Hello Congressman,

I am your constituent in D1, and I am very concerned about your vote to gut the ACA. I am member of the ever growing class of individuals who work as part of the 'gig economy'.  The gig economy makes it possible for people who live in rural areas to work remotely from their homes.  As a small business owner, I am not able to take advantage of the large group insurance pool discounts made available to those who work for big companies with lots of employees.  Since the ACA has been in effect, I am now able to buy quality, affordable healthcare.  Without the benefits of the group pool, my insurance costs will double, making it impossible to pay for any insurance at all.  I'm writing you today to tell you I love the ACA.  I can't afford to fund an HSA.  HSA's are no solution if you don't have money to put in them.  The smartest thing you could do and what would convince me to support you in 2018, is Medicare for All.  That is something I would really love.  

Thank you, 


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A Poem from Chico

It doesn't really matter if we're red our blue... View Valentine Card.


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