The ACA protects the young people of District 1

Representative LaMalfa - 

When I was 24, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time. I moved from New York City back to California to care for her and support my family through chemotherapy and radiation treatments. 

She was lucky to be covered by her employer, but sadly, I was not. I applied for private insurance, and was denied due to a pre-existing condition. I was told by a Blue Cross employee that I should not bother applying for any insurance at all, as they all share information and that I would not be eligible. 

Throughout my mother's convalescence, I had no health insurance whatsoever. Had I been in any kind of accident, my family would have gone bankrupt. This caused my family undue stress at an extremely stressful time. It wasn't until I was accepted into Stanford University for grad school that I was able to receive medical coverage. 

Today, young people under 25 can be covered under their parents insurance. That enables them to intern, volunteer, extend their education, be entrepreneurs and explore career opportunities without fear that their entire future will be destroyed unless they can find an employer to give them health insurance. 

The ACA and the ability to get coverage without working full time enables young people of District 1 the chance to get their feet under them in these challenging times. 

It is your obligation to ensure that these protections stay in place. 

Meredith Mohr



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  • Meredith Mohr
    published this page in Read & Write 2017-02-14 11:20:55 -0800