People's Town Hall with (or without ) Rep. Doug LaMalfa

Join Butte County residents Sunday, March 19th, from 6pm-9pm at the Chico Women’s Club (592 E. 3rd St, Chico) for a town hall-style meeting to discuss issues relevant to our District and find solutions.

Light refreshments will be provided, or bring your own. This event is not sponsored by any political party and is entirely the effort of citizens demanding action.

People of all political stripes are tired of waiting on Washington and Sacramento. Whether it’s water, infrastructure, jobs, immigration, education or health care, we live with the consequences of political deadlock.

Politicians offer us empty promises while lining their pockets with subsidies and corporate cash. We will overcome these challenges by giving voice to all concerns and developing people-centered solutions that respect our ideological differences. We hope to facilitate workable solutions to our community’s most pressing problems.     

We are conducting an online poll to brainstorm the issues that we care about the most. The poll will close Thursday, March 16th. In a series of facilitated open dialogue meetings, we will develop and deliver solutions that represent the will of the people to Congressman LaMalfa.

To find the poll, visit or vote in the Facebook poll here, add new topics, agree or disagree which deserve to be one of the four topics we will discuss.

Volunteers are also needed. If interested please visit: to sign up.


March 19, 2017 at 6pm - 9pm
Chico Women's Club
592 E 3rd St
Chico, CA 95928
United States
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Tom M Lando
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Barbara Abbott-Richmond
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Clara Buchholtz
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Donna Speer Graden
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Whitney Stevens

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